The flip top closure is a one piece cap with a body and a lid connected by a hinge. The hinge allows the lid to be closed onto the body of the flip top cap which normally has some kind of finger recess enabling the user to open the cap more easily and conveniently.The flip top caps have orifices with a variety of diameters ranging from 1 up to 10mm as there are lots of products with different viscosities which need to be dispensed.
At the rear of the flip top cap, the body and the lid are connected by the hinge. The hinge is one of the most critical parts of the flip top closure as this should perform like an active function. Users have only to move the lid very slightly before the hinge starts forcing the lid back onto the body of the cap. There are different styles available like a butterfly or dual axis hinges to meet every market need.
These clean and convenient flip-top cap designs are perfect for all types of potentially messy applications.The most popular bottle caps proven reliablitiy, stable quality.Common discharge rate,so suit for thin liquid.Various design, also can accept customized design.